Observing Equipment-TEC-180FL guided

Samantha III

In later 2006, I upgraded the telescope I was using to a 180mm flourite refractor made by TEC. Most of my imaging since then uses TEC-180FL #003. I still use Losmandy G11 with Gemini (Shown). In addition, I started to use guiding in later 2006. At present, I am using a Williams Optics Zenithstar 80ED II telescope as the guidescope and an Orioin StarShoot as the guide camera. I use a software program called PhD as my guide software.

At about the same time I upgraded the telescope and started guiding, I also purchased a Huetech modified Canon EOS30D and am starting to use that. I have also used a several Powermates and have done some eyepiece projection (and combined these). Some of the older images on this site were taken with a Nikon 5700.

I typically use an IBM Thinkpad A31p (not shown) as a star atlas, data recording, and ImagesPlus control computer. I have also started to use IP for focusing and camera control.

Image processing is typically done using the Thinkpad and ImagesPlus (various versions). I have also used Photoshop CS as well as ImageReady (for animations) and PaintShop Pro.

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