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Abell 35
Abell 35
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Abell 35 Planetary Nebula June 5, 2009 - May 8, 2010
Abell 35 is a very low surface brightness planetary nebula in the constellation Hydra. This nebula is located about 400 light years away. It is also known as PK303+40.1. The central star in this system (the yellow one near the center is magnitude 9.8 SAO181201. If you look carefully, you can see a bow shock around this star as it moved through the nebulosity. This star is rotating very rapicly and is also binary system having a white dwarf companion about 18 AU from it. Another view of this area can be seen here. This image was taken at Kitt Peak.

I started this image by trying for an HaRGB image. I couldn't detect any of the bow shock. So, I went back and obtained some Luminosity data to add to this. It helped. I probably should have gotten some OIII data but I don't have that filter available. (Note, there is also a reflection artifact in the lower right of this image.) You can also see some dim galaxies in this image (magnitude 15-19 PGC's).

Technical Details
Exposure Time 4.0 hrs L and Ha/2.5 hrs each RGB
Camera STL-11000M/AO/Astrodon Filters
Telescope RCOS 12.5" with PIR/TCC
Mount Paramount ME
Image Acquisition MaxIM 5.07/FocusMax/Sky6/RCOS
Processing Techniques Calibrate in MaxIM 5.07. Register, Stack, Color combine and process in PixInsight 1.6. Minor cleanup in Photoshop
Teri Smoot, Montana Computer Graphics